What is My Forest?

Your forest is a fun way to discover the positive environmental actions that you and your friends have taken.

Each part of your forest is a souvenir of an action you have taken in the real world to help save our planet.

And a beautiful way to tell your environmental story.

Image of user's forest

How Does It Work?

Forest Founding Stone.

1 Start your unique forest for free

Your forest starts with the Founding Stone. It's the heart of your forest and celebrates the beginning of your environmental story.

Your forest will grow around your stone as you help the planet.

2 Grows as you take action.

Grow your forest by taking actions that help our planet.

You can support charities, contribute to tree planting, offset your footprint and more.

A beautiful tile is added as a souvenir of your positive action.

Forest founding stone.
Forest founding stone.

3 Connect with friends and create a positive impact together.

Invite friends to start their own forest and send them gifts to become part of their environmental story.

See the positive impact you can make together.

4 Unlock achievements as you do more.

As your forest grows you will receive awards that add charming and unique achievements to your forest.

Explore the forests of other users and discover more about their environmental journey and what they care about.

Forest founding stone.
Personalised additions to the forest.

5 Make your forest unique

Celebrate different events like Christmas, Easter and Earth Day by adding unique tiles to your forest.

Create your own planet friendly story.

6 See it all together.

See all your positive actions together in a single place.

A great way to see how you have helped our planet.

Forest founding stone.

Share Your Story

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Share your positive impact with the world!

Post your environmental story on social media and inspire your friends, family and followers to make a positive difference.