Offset Your Footprint

CO₂ Emissions

60% increase

Global increase in CO₂ Emissions between 1990-2017


1°C average increase

Increase since 1990, countries have committed to limit rise to 1.5°C

Rainforest Lost

3.75 million hectares

Primary rainforest cleared in 2019

Adaption Cost

$140-$300 billion

Estimated global cost of climate change per year by 2030

Offset the impact of individual carbon intensive activities and help tackle climate change.

Keep track of when and why you offset and planted trees by adding a personal message to each offset.

Our offsets support certified projects that reduce the amount of CO₂ and save forests from deforestation.

Trees, wind turbines and tree planting

What Is In Your Offset

  • Plant trees with your offset
  • Offset the carbon footprint
  • Add to your forest
  • Track activities in your forest
  • Learn about ways to reduce your footprint
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Reduce your footprint

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Friends greeting each other

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What Our Members Think


"I love that MyForest is visual and invites play. Each month I can see my forest grow and know I have made a positive impact on the planet. The knowledge tiles are also great, they make my forest more interesting but they also link to really interesting articles about different environmental issues."

- Daniela M


"We recently had a child and I became concerned about the future of the planet he would grow up in. MyForest is great because I know that each month I am making his future a little better and when he is old enough I can also show him the positive impact I have made.”"

- Joe

Arc House

"We use powerful computers to do image processing. It is great to know that their environmental impact is being reduced with MyForest. I really like that I can see our impact grow each month and I can share it with my clients."

- Tom L, Director

Reduce and Then Offset

It is always better to have not created greenhouses gasses than to offset them and minimising our individual carbon intensive activities must be our ultimate goal.

This however isn't always possible due to economics, e.g. the cost of an electric car, or physical reasons, e.g. your physically have to be somewhere. When this happens the next best thing is to give something back to the planet by offsetting your activity.

Trees, wind turbines and tree planting

How we use your money

We want you to know where your money goes.

When you subscribe to a MyForest subscription, or purchase an offset from our shop we aim to maximise the good we do with your money.


Planting Trees and Carbon Offsets

We aim to spend 87.5% of your subscriptions and MyForest offsets bought through our shop on tree planting and carbon offsetting.


Running MyForest

We use 12.5% from subscriptions and MyForest offsets bought through our shop on running MyForest. This includes creating artwork, paying our amazing staff, servers and spreading the word.

Our recent projects

Read about the projects that the MyForest community supported last month.

What Is The Digital Forest?

Images of a user's forest

Find out what makes MyForest unique and a beautiful way to tell your environmental story.


A carbon footprint is the amount of Greenhouse Gases (GHG), put into our atmosphere each year by an individual, organisation, product or activity, normally measured in tonnes of CO₂e.

Calculating the amount of CO₂e emitted by each person is difficult, some estimates include other greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrogen while others don't. As a guide, a person in the UK has a footprint of 12 tonnes* while in the USA it is over 18 tonnes*.

You can find out more about the different types of green houses gases in our knowledge base.

*Estimation by Small World Consulting, experts in calculating climate emissions.

Your forest is a beautiful representation of the positive environmental actions you have taken.

Your forest can be explored by clicking on different parts of the forest and discovering when, why and how your contribution has helped our planet.

Your forest can also be easily shared with friends and family, allowing them to see the positive impact you have made.

A Verified Offset means that the carbon offsetting project that we have supported has been verified by at least one of the internationally recognised carbon offsetting standards. We normally support projects that are VCS, CCB and REDD+ projects.

Read our knowledge base to find out more about carbon offsetting standards.

Each month we generate a report that details which projects we support and the contribution we made to those projects. You can check out our past reports Reports.

No, the tree planting that we fund is not counted as part of your carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is offset by purchasing carbon offsets from verified schemes.

Trees take time to grow and lock away carbon, with most trees locking more carbon away the older they get. We are funding tree planting now so that in the future, us and our children have a sustainable planet.