Your business
For the planet

CO₂ Emissions

18% by business sector

Of UK emissions from business sector in 2018

Net Zero

56% of companies.

Don't have a plan to be net zero by 2050

Brand Impact

88% of consumers

Want brands to be more sustainable


86% of customers

Say a lack of transparency will drive them to a competitor

Make your business planet positive and build your green culture.

Motivate your employees and inspire your customers with your environmental story.

It's easy to get started with our simple subscriptions that planet trees and offset carbon.

People meeting in an office with plants.

A Green Team

Join our campaign to reduce the environmental impact of 5000 employees . Add your business to our community and we can make a difference together.

Step 1 - Planet Positive Workforce

Make a planet positive contribution on behalf of your employees by planting trees and offsetting their climate impact.

Show your employees and customers how you are helping our planet.

Step 2 - Engage your Employees

Engage and bring your team together with our monthly awareness events.

Create connections within your teams by involving them in positive environmental actions.

Celebrate their involvement in your digital forest and create a green community.

Step 3 - Share Your Story

Your digital forest if your environmental profile, full of the green actions that your business has taken.

It tells your environmental story.

Share your story with customers and employees and celebrate the steps your team have taken towards a greener future.

What Our Members Think


"I love that MyForest is visual and invites play. Each month I can see my forest grow and know I have made a positive impact on the planet. The knowledge tiles are also great, they make my forest more interesting but they also link to really interesting articles about different environmental issues."

- Daniela M


"We recently had a child and I became concerned about the future of the planet he would grow up in. MyForest is great because I know that each month I am making his future a little better and when he is old enough I can also show him the positive impact I have made.”"

- Joe

Arc House

"We use powerful computers to do image processing. It is great to know that their environmental impact is being reduced with MyForest. I really like that I can see our impact grow each month and I can share it with my clients."

- Tom L, Director

Your Subscription

  • Plant trees each month for your employees
  • Reduce your business's carbon footprint
  • Build your team through environmental action
  • Share your environmental story with your customers
  • Grow your company's own digital forest
  • Connect with customers through saving the environment
Big and small footprint

Reduce your footprint

Trees getting bigger

Grow real trees

Friends greeting each other

Build a green team

Forest of trees

Your own digital forest

Person with a megaphone

Tell the world

What Is The Digital Forest?

Images of a user's forest

Find out what makes MyForest unique and a beautiful way to tell your environmental story.

Our recent projects

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