Walking, Friends and Nature - 04 May 2021

This month we are celebrating everyone getting outside and enjoying nature. Grab a few friends or colleagues and go outside for a walk, chat and being in nature.

Earth Day 2021 - 20 Apr 2021

If you are taking part in Earth Day 2021? If you are, add to your forest with our FREE Earth Day tile.

Good News in March 2021 - 13 Apr 2021

Spring is here and so is our latest blog post! Read our 3 favourite good environmental news stories from March!

Build your Green Community - 06 Apr 2021

New stuff alert! Invite friends and plant trees for free! Find out how to create your green community in our latest blog post.

5 Ideas For Easter Gifts - 08 Mar 2021

Easter is coming! Here are 5 ideas of different easter gifts to send this year that help the planet.

Good News in February 2021 - 08 Mar 2021

Our 3 favourite environmental news stories from February - have a read and feel good!

Good News in January 2021 - 04 Feb 2021

Read our 3 favourite positive environmental news stories from January and let a little sunshine in!

Sending Gifts Has Changed - 18 Dec 2020

We know you love sending gifts and listening to feedback we wanted to make this better for you. Read about our latest changes.

A sustainable Christmas dinner - 16 Dec 2020

It is almost time for one of the most magical meals of the year! But what is the real impact of the traditional Christmas dinner centre-piece and what can we do to make our meal more sustainable?

Black Friday - 20 Nov 2020

Black Friday offers a chance to get the best deals on products, but are the deals we’re getting as good as they seem? It’s no shock that sales soar over the weekend, but what is the environmental cost that comes with it?

Green Accounting - 09 Nov 2020

Who would have thought that accountants are on today’s frontline for climate change?

Forest Gifts - 19 Oct 2020

In this weeks blog, we take a look at our newest feature, gifting, and how we can show friends, family AND the planet how much we love them at the same time!

We have Launched! - 15 Oct 2020

MyForest has launched! The whole team is excited to share MyForest with you all, and make a huge impact in tackling climate change and environmental crises.

Our New Video! - 05 Oct 2020

With the official launch of MyForest in just over a week, Laura shares our new video and talks about what she hopes MyForest can achieve.

Almost Lift Off - 28 Sep 2020

It’s finally happening - MyForest will be launching in just a few short weeks! Read about what to expect and how you can make a positive difference for the planet.

World Cleanup Day - 14 Sep 2020

What is World Cleanup Day? We find out and explore how you can take part whether you are self isolating or not!

Green Cleaning - 31 Aug 2020

In her first blog post, Charlotte explores the environmental impact of cleaning products and investigates some greener alternatives.

Plastic Hunt 2020 - 17 Aug 2020

Team MyForest took part in the Plastic Hunt global event to clean up a local beach and raise awareness for NGOs protecting marine biodiversity.

The 7 Rs - 27 Jul 2020

Think there are only 3 Rs? Think again! We look at the 7 keystones of making your life greener and more sustainable.

Soil - 03 Jul 2020

Have you ever thought about soil in relation to climate change? We dig a little deeper and take a look at its impact.

All About Us - 23 Jun 2020

Want to get to know the people behind the platform? Today we show our faces and talk about why doing our bit to prevent environmental crises is important to us.

The Virtual Forest - 15 Jun 2020

Want to learn a bit more about carbon offsetting?

The last part of our mini series about carbon offsetting. In this post we look at some of the different ways of offsetting carbon and the benefits that they bring.

Carbon Offsetting: Part 3 - 25 May 2020

Want to learn a bit more about carbon offsetting?

The last part of our mini series about carbon offsetting. In this post we look at some of the different ways of offsetting carbon and the benefits that they bring.

Carbon Offsetting: Part 2 - 18 May 2020

Want to learn a bit more about carbon offsetting?

The second in our 3 part blog mini series looks at what carbon offsetting is, words and certifications to look out for and how to use it for a REAL change to your carbon footprint.

Subscribing to MyForest - 11 May 2020

Mike is back in the hot seat for todays blog post!

Today he takes a look at some of the ways you will be able to offset your carbon footprints with MyForest.

Carbon Offsetting: Part 1 - 04 May 2020

Want to learn a bit more about carbon offsetting?

The first in our 3 part blog mini series looks at the things that contribute to your carbon footprint, how to calculate it and why it all matters.

Earth Day 2020 - 20 Apr 2020

What is Earth Day?

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the very first Earth Day, which resulted in new environmental legislation. Read on to find out how it continues to work to bring attention to environmental issues at the highest levels of power.

The Foundation Stone - 13 Apr 2020

In todays blog post our founder, Mike, takes over the blog.

Mike is deep in to the development for MyForest and wants to share a little about what he has been up to for the past few months!

COVID-19 and it's Environmental Impact - 26 Mar 2020

With the entire world reeling from the effects of COVID-19, what is the impact for climate change?

We look at how climate change may have contributed to and been impacted by this epidemic, and what we can all do to be greener during lockdown.

How do we Improve our Clothing Impact? - 09 Mar 2020

Do you know the impact that clothing has on the environment? We look at how clothes from synthetic and cotton fibres are made, and what you can do to make planet positive fashion choices.

Lose Yourself In The Data - 21 Feb 2020

The proof of climate change is in the science. We explore the explorable dashboards representing climate data in easy to follow, interactive ways. It's very easy to fall down the data rabbit hole!

Little Steps to Make a Big Change - 31 Jan 2020

To fight climate change and keep our planet safe, do we need to fundamentally change everything about our lives? Read about our thoughts on the small things we can do and how we can create a big change together.

First Feedback Session - 16 Jan 2020

In our previous blog post, we talked a little about what the idea of MyForest is and the reasons why we think it is so important. Today, I am going to give you an update on our very first feedback session.

Start of our Journey - 14 Jan 2020

Hello and welcome to the very first post on MyForest blog! I’m Laura, one of the members of the MyForest team and I am here to tell you a little about our project and why we think this is a really important thing to be a part of.