How We Plant and Offset

At MyForest we aim to spend 87.5% of the money from subscriptions and MyForest products bought through our shop on tree planting and carbon offsets. After each month we create a report to show the positive impact the community has had on the planet.


Helping The Planet


Running MyForest

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Each month we receive money from MyForest subscribers for tree planting and carbon offsetting. A subscription is a great way to make a positive environmental impact every month and grow your virtual forest.

Shop Offsets

In our shop, as well as making donations to charities, users can purchase one-off MyForest carbon offsets for bigger activities such as flying or your annual driving mileage. Each one of these adds to your environmental story and allows you to keep track of your impact.


At the end of the month it is time for us to get out our calculators and work out the following:

  • How many trees to plant
  • How many tonnes of carbon to offset
  • How much money we have to spend

This is calculated based on the subscriptions and one-off offsets bought in the shop.

Finding Projects

Next is the best part! Finding great tree planting and offsetting projects to support. We have a variety of partners who operate a range of different projects across the world.

We want to support a range of projects that are sustainable and have real impact, not just the cheapest.

We spend roughly 87.5% of the money from subscriptions and one-off offsets on tree planting and carbon offsetting.

Running MyForest

We use around 12.5% of the income from subscriptions and one-off offsets to run MyForest:

  • Paying our amazing staff
  • Generating beautiful artwork
  • Researching new content for our knowledge tiles
  • Developing new features
  • Spreading the word
  • Paying for web servers, payment processing and back office tools

We really appreciate the support and trust the MyForest community has in us!

Distribute Funds

Once we have created the list of projects we want to support, and calculated how much we need to purchase from each project, we contact our partners. We let them know where to allocate the money, and where possible, we request a certificate of purchase.

It can take some time for us to complete this stage because we may still be waiting for funds to come in.

Tree Planting

Our tree planting partners will now use the funds to plant trees. Our partners plant the appropriate trees for the local environment and at the right time of year.

This means that they may not be ale to plant the trees immediately because it might be the wrong season or weather conditions, but don't worry! Your trees will be planted at a time that guarantees them the best chances of success!

Carbon Offsets

When buying carbon offsets, we only purchase certified carbon credits. You can find out more about the different certification standards in our Knowledge section.

There are many different types of projects, for example protecting endangered rainforests, renewable energy, protecting carbon sinks and improving energy efficiency to name a few.


The final step is to generate a report for you to read. This tells you about the projects we supported and their impact, as well as what has been happening on the MyForest platform in the last month.