Walking, Friends and Nature

04 May 2021

Myself and Laura love walking and we are known for frequently going on long walks and dragging friends and family with us. That's why to celebrate National Walking Month we have a special tile you can add to your forest.

We love walking for so many reasons, it’s a great opportunity to chat, get some easy exercise, connect with nature and visit a pub.

Much of our love for the environment and our planet comes from walking in nature, seeing how it changes throughout the year and discovering plants and animals. There is nothing more exciting than walking through a wood and spotting a deer hiding in the trees or watching a pheasant strut his stuff around a field.

So this month we want to encourage you to get out into nature and take a walk. Not only is it good for your health but it will also connect you to our environment and the natural world. This is really important because we only care about the things that we connect with. Drag some friends along and invite them to connect with nature as well.

Tips For A Great Walk

Finding a great walk is super easy, there are many books and a quick online search will return lots of sites with routes. If however you are like me and love planning your own walks here are my tips for making your own walk:

  • Friends - bring friends along with you. Walking is such a great way to connect with others, where almost all other distractions (apart from the beauty of nature) have been removed and you can just focus on being with others.
  • Make it circular - I always try to plan my walks so that they are a loop. I.e. I don’t walk the same path twice. For me this keeps it interesting and allows me to discover more.
  • Stop and listen - take time to stop and listen to nature. If you can be quiet for a few moments many birds and animals will start to emerge.
  • Add a hill - no one likes a hill but everyone loves the amazing view at the top. Nothing is more awe inspiring than seeing all of nature spread out in front of you.
  • Vary the terrain - put in a mixture of woodlands, rivers, fields and canals. This will keep your walk interesting and make time fly.
  • Find something weird and interesting - if you live in the UK then you will know that our countryside is dotted with weird and interesting buildings, follys, old industrial buildings, all sorts. There are also many natural features like waterfalls, rock formations and beautiful glades.
  • Add a break - find somewhere on your route to take a break, this could be a picnic, pub or cafe. Adding one of these also makes it easier to convince others to come along.
  • Take your litter home with you - If you bring a snack or have a dog, PLEASE make sure that you dispose of your rubbish at the proper bins, or take it home with you. Let’s keep our green spaces safe and beautiful for everyone!

Let’s Celebrate

To celebrate National Walking Month and to encourage everyone to get out and explore nature we have created this beautiful walking tile! You can add this to your forest for free or do a little bit more and plant some trees with your tile.

When you add your tile, remember to tell us where you walked, why and how you connected to the natural environment.

- Mike