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You can now support Rainforest Concern with MyForest!

We are excited to partner with Rainforest Concern!

We love them because they work with local people to protect forests under threat and the biodiversity within them.

Learn more about supporting Rainforest Concern with MyForest and begin your environmental story!

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MyForest is a new and rewarding way to help our planet and see the positive impact you make.

Every action you take on the MyForest platform adds to your personal Virtual Forest, creating a beautiful mosaic of the difference you have made, to share and be proud of.

Donate to environmental organisations, plant trees, reduce your carbon footprint, send gifts and much more.

Start your story and see the difference you make.

How It Works


Contribute to tree planting, and carbon offsetting. Each subscription or one-off MyForest offset plants real trees and contributes to carbon reduction projects .


Donate to amazing environmental charities and organisations who work on the ground to help protect our planet. The money you donate goes directly to your chosen organisations.


Every action adds a rewarded added to your Virtual Forest. Creating beautiful story of your positive impact.


Share your positive actions with others and encourage them to contribute and make changes in their lives. Send friends and family green gifts.


Climate change and the environmental crisis is the biggest issue facing our society and planet. This is an issue that affects all our lives today.

By taking action with MyForest you help reduce your impact on our planet, making it better world to live in.

The challenges facing our planet also affect all life on it. MyForest allows you to donate directly to environmental charities and organisations that are working hard to protect that life and make our home a better place to be.

Every small action you take adds up to a bigger impact and we want you to be proud of what you have achieved. We instantly reward you with a tile added to your Virtual Forest, slowly building your story and letting you see your impact.

Environmental Partners

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The Virtual Forests

Your Virtual Forest is a beautiful visual record of the difference you have made, your individual environmental story that you can share and use to inspire others.

Explore our Virtual Forests and discover the impact we have made, then start your own forest and your own story.

What Our Members Think


"I love that MyForest is visual and invites play. Each month I can see my forest grow and know I have made a positive impact on the planet. The knowledge tiles are also great, they make my forest more interesting but they also link to really interesting articles about different environmental issues."

- Daniela M


"We recently had a child and I became concerned about the future of the planet he would grow up in. MyForest is great because I know that each month I am making his future a little better and when he is old enough I can also show him the positive impact I have made.”"

- Joe

Arc House

"We use powerful computers to do image processing. It is great to know that their environmental impact is being reduced with MyForest. I really like that I can see our impact grow each month and I can share it with my clients."

- Tom L, Director

The Mobile App

Download our mobile app and watch your forest grow when you are on the move.

It only takes 30 seconds to install the app and you can start donating to amazing environmental organisations, planting trees and sending gifts wherever you are.