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Shout about how you are saving our planet!

Celebrate your planet positive actions, from tree planting and supporting charities, to litter picking and going meat free in your digital forest.

Inspire the world with your story and let's work together to make a cleaner, greener future.

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Example of a user's forest.

Example of a user's forest.

Grab Some Friends, Get Outside

This month we are celebrating everyone getting outside and enjoying nature.

Grab a few friends or colleagues and go outside for a walk, chat and enjoy being in nature.

Read our tips on how to create a great walk and why we love getting outdoors.

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3 Easy Steps

Support charities, plant trees, offset your footprint, learn and more...

Take Action

Take action through MyForest that helps our environment. Plant trees, support charities, offset and more.

Each action you take adds to your environmental story

A Souvenir

Adds to your digital forest, a small Thank You from us. A reminder of your positive impact.

Share your story on social media


Share your story, inspire and encourage others others to act .


Climate change and the environmental crisis is the biggest issue facing our society and planet. This is an issue that affects all our lives today.

By taking action with MyForest you help reduce your impact on our planet, making it better world to live in.

The challenges facing our planet also affect all life on it. MyForest allows you to donate directly to environmental charities and organisations that are working hard to protect that life and make our home a better place to be.

Every small action you take adds up to a bigger impact and we want you to be proud of what you have achieved. We instantly reward you with a tile added to your Virtual Forest, slowly building your story and letting you see your impact.

Environmental Partners

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The Forest

Your forest represents the environmental actions you have taken.

It's a reminder of how and why you helped to make our home a little better.

Over time your forest becomes a beautiful story of how you helped to save our planet!

Discover our forests:

What Our Members Think


"I love that MyForest is visual and invites play. Each month I can see my forest grow and know I have made a positive impact on the planet. The knowledge tiles are also great, they make my forest more interesting but they also link to really interesting articles about different environmental issues."

- Daniela M


"We recently had a child and I became concerned about the future of the planet he would grow up in. MyForest is great because I know that each month I am making his future a little better and when he is old enough I can also show him the positive impact I have made.”"

- Joe

Arc House

"We use powerful computers to do image processing. It is great to know that their environmental impact is being reduced with MyForest. I really like that I can see our impact grow each month and I can share it with my clients."

- Tom L, Director

The Mobile App

Download our mobile app and watch your forest grow when you are on the move.

It only takes 30 seconds to install the app and you can start donating to amazing environmental organisations, planting trees and sending gifts wherever you are.