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Contribute to tree planting, and carbon offsetting. Each subscription or one-off MyForest offset plants real trees and contributes to carbon reduction projects .


Donate to amazing environmental charities and organisations who working on the ground to help protect our planet. The money you donate goes directly to the organisations.


Each action grows your forest story, creating a permanent and beautiful record of your positive impact.


Share your positive actions with others and encourage them to contribute and make changes in their lives. Send friends and family green gifts.

Environmental Partners


Start making a positive impact on the planet by offsetting your individual carbon footprint as well as supporting the environmental charities that you love.


Are you worried about your business’s impact on the planet? Begin here to balance the impact of your business, and share this with your employees and customers.


Are you an environmental charity looking for a new and fun way to engage with your supporters? Find out how the MyForest can help your charity to be seen, shared and supported!

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